We thrive on hand-made quality products most of which are from local vendors.  We look for people who have something unique to offer.  Our vendors have passion for their crafts and they hope to wow you with their craftsmanship.  Currently, our vendor products are offered in store only.  So come in and see all of the varieties we have to offer!  


Robin Hurley of Ronylee’s Pottery Designs is a home based potter near Guthrie who thrives on creating one-of-a-kind pieces.  She creates pieces from coffee mugs to platters to bowls.  Recently, she has been focusing on making items that knitters and crocheters love: yarn bowls and dispensers.  Her work is unique and beautiful. 



If you come in and see something you like, you better buy it.  It may be gone the next time you stop by and a duplicate won’t be made.  If you miss something you love, that’s ok.  She brings new inventory regularly and with her stunning pieces, you’re likely to fall in love again.

Goat Milk Soaps and Lotions

Chanel Weber of Cedar Hill Acres, LLC raises her own goats in order to hand make her goats milk soaps and lotions.  She uses many different unique scents sure to brighten your day.  She randomly makes different ones so check back often for new products!



For those who are sensitive, she does offer a scent free option.  



Come in and smell them for yourself.  You won’t be disappointed.

Engraving & 3D Printing

New Horizon 3D is a Christ-centered organization that has a passion for bringing new ideas to life.  We focus on complete customization to develop the best possible quality in our products that are as unique as our customers!  Our on-demand services include 3D printing in a variety of materials and processes, 3D scanning, design and laser engraving/cutting.  


In addition to our on-demand services, New Horizon 3D has developed Form Grip: the most unique, ergonomic rifle grip ever made.  Perfect for any shooter of any kind, our patent-pending process takes the form of each unique shooter’s hands as they grip a clay mold, ensuring it’s the perfect fit.  The mold is then scanned and manufactured to provide 100% complete contact.  This ensures maximum comfort, control, and stability while also reducing aim-time-to-target.  Form Grip is offered in smooth resin, textured PETG plastic, and tactical polycarbonate carbon fiber.  Your form.  Your grip.  Form Grip.

Jewelry, Woodwork, and More

Adrienne Schell of Natural Roots Living creates custom jewelry including necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.  Her unique tastes will give you options not seen elsewhere.  In addition to her jewelry, she creates sprays and rollers with essential oils to make your aromatherapy needs right at your fingertips.

Aaron Schell of Schell Plank Designs is a woodworking guru.  He makes incredible woodwork including oil bars, cigar ashtrays, and cutting boards.  His most notable pieces are coffee pour overs that are hardly found elsewhere.

The Schell Family has one more entrepreneur; Johanna Schell of Itsy Bits Jewelry.  She’s 9 and follows in her mother’s footsteps by making jewelry.  She likes to work with beads but what is very popular with customer’s is her yarn earrings.  They are so cute you need to stop in and see all of the colors she offers. 

Stitch Markers

Last but not least is The Knitter’s Companion who specializes in stitch markers.  She offers different sizes for different needle widths for maximum efficiency while knitting.  You can use the size that works best for your project.  She has an array of designs available.  But don’t wait, they are sure not to last on the shelf!

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